1. Partners system

The qualities of the partners are divided into blue, purple and orange. Different partners have different skill attributes. Join the game and recruit your favorite partners.

2.  Party system

Party system is divided into Beli Party and Diamond Party. This is one of the fastest ways to get a hero.

3.  Arena

1) There are 10 free challenge chances each round. When you have no chances left, you can wait for the countdown or immediately refresh to reset chances and opponents.

2) You can claim the corresponding treasure chest rewards base on your wins. Each time you refresh, the unclaimed treasure chest will also reset. Remember to claim it!

3) Arena Medals can be redeemed for valuable gifts in Arena Shop.

4.  Treasure Hunt system

There are lots of treasures on the island, and the players who want to quickly upgrade and awaken their partners must remember to do it.

5.  Partner List

Add more partners to improve your BP. The partners in front will release skills first.

6.  Upgrade Partners
1) Upgrade Partners to greatly increase the BP and the upgrade items can be salvaged in the Treasure Hunt.
2) Upgrade to a certain level can also activate additional attributes.

7.  Awaken Partners

Awakening can greatly enhance the partner's BP. After awakening 5 times, the partner can be advanced.


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