Nov 7th Weekly Update Announcement

Time: 2019-11-07 21:58

Event Update

Pirate Flag: Can obtain Golden [Awaken Mechanic Set] from Rankings Special Rewards
Pirates Treasure Golden Partners: Edward Newgate, Diamond Jozu, Marco, Ace

Special Event

Extra compensation for bug occurred in Halloween event: Super value Roulette is available for one more week!
Top-up Roulette-Partner
Topic Partner: Magellan (Golden Quality)
Special Ability: Lethal Toxin. For targets with lethal toxin debuff, any healing received will be transformed 
into toxin damages (including Life Steal).

Top-up Roulette-Pirate Ship

Topic Pirate Ship: EX ·Thriller Bark
Pirate Ship Skill: Warm Blood V
Skill Effect: Increase Crit damage by 30% (Max60%) for the entire team lasting for 10 seconds.
EX Pirate Ship have super growth potential to increase BP dramatically!

Top-up Roulette-Pet

Topic Pet: EX·Holy
EX Pet have super growth potential to increase BP dramatically!



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