Oct 31th Weekly Update Announcement

Time: 2019-10-31 23:00

New Partner

Gekko Moria(Golden Quality)
Special Ability: Initial normal attack*1.5
Special Ability: Increase physical attack damage dealt to the target by 5% after launching normal attack to hit, lasting for 5 seconds; Max 50-stack.
Obtain from Halloween Carnival

New EX Pirate Ship

EX ·Thriller Bark
Pirate Ship Skill: Warm Blood V
Skill Effect: Increase Crit damage by 30% (Max60%) for the entire team lasting for 10 seconds.
Obtain from Halloween Carnival

New EX Pet

Obtain from Halloween Carnival

Halloween Carnival
Halloween Roulette-Partner
Halloween Roulette-Pirate Ship
Halloween Roulette-Pet
Halloween Roulette: Equipment
Halloween Roulette: Legend Equip
Top-up to spin continuously daily at the Halloween Carnival.
For Partner, Pirate Ship and Pet Roulette, Every Top-up 150 Diamonds can spin once!
For Equipment and Legend Equip Roulette, every Top-up 300 Diamonds can spin once!

Event Update

Fortune Map: Can obtain Golden [Baratie Ship Card] from Rankings Special Rewards
Pirates Treasure Golden Partners:Emporio Ivankov, Diamond Jozu, Boa Hancock, Shura Zoro
Update VIP Giftpack periodically!


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