Aug 22th Week’s Event Update Announcement

Time: 2019-08-22 03:05

Events Time: Aug 22 – 28, 2019

1. Diamond Wheel
2. Fortune Map
3. Total Daily Top-up
4. Continuous Top-up
5. VIP Weekly Pack
6. Pirates Treasure
7. Slot Machine
8. Chest Legend
9.  Skypiea Treasure Hunt
10.  Legendary Equipment Wheel
11.  Legendary Equipment Slot Machine
12. Daily Giftpack

Events Time: Aug 22 – 25, 2019
1. Top-up Rebate
2. Top-up Feedback
3. Total Spending
Events Time: Aug 26 – 28, 2019
1. Top-up Banquet
2. Top-up Gift
3. Spending Rebate 


New Partners
Eagle Eye Mihawk (Gold Quality)
Emporio Ivankov (Gold Quality)

Function Update
Large amount of combining (more than 100 times) can use Auto Combine function
In Combine interface, use Ult Gear shards to combine into Ex-Tier Ult Gear
Lucky Treasure Map: Rankings Rewards updated, 1st place can get the complete


Angel Set
Pirates Treasure Gold Crew Edition: Eagle Eye Mihawk, Emporio Ivankov, Marco, Jinbe
God of Ult Gear: Add in Ex-Tier Ult Gear Shards,  Bonus points to join EX·Surge Set Pack 
Ult Gear Wheel: Add in Ex-Tier Ult Gear Shards 


Enhance Bonus
 8.22-8.23 Profile Enhance Bonus
 8.24-8.25Frame Enhance Bonus
 8.26-8.27 Paramecia Fruit Enhance Bonus
 8.28 Logia Fruit Enhance Bonus




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