Dec 26th Weekly Update Announcement

Time: 2019-12-26 22:37

Dec. 26-Jan. 8
Weekly VIP Giftpack

Dec. 26-Jan.1
Diamond Roulette
Fortune Map
Total Daily Top-up
Daily Top-up Rewards
Continuous Top-up
Chest Legend
Skypiea Treasure Hunt
Legend Equip Roulette
Daily Giftpack
Top-up Roulette - Partner
Fighting Shichibukai

Dec. 26-Dec. 29
Top-up Rebate
Top-up Feedback
Total Spending
Pirates Treasure

Dec. 30-Jan.1
Top-up Banquet
Top-up Deluxe
Spending Feedback
Legend Equip Slot Machine

Event Update

Fortune Map: Can obtain Golden [Awaken Mechanic Set] from Rankings Special Rewards
Pirates Treasure Golden Partners: Boa Hancock, Jimbei , Zoro, Sabo 
Update VIP Giftpack periodically, and exchange is reset!
Super Value Roulette - Partner [Shichibukai]: Trafalgar Law, Hawk-eyed Mihawk, Gekko Moria

Special Events

Fighting Shichibukai - New BOSS Challenge
New gameplay that limits BP for killing race
Limit all players’ basic attributes and BP for fair play!
Limit the same basic attributes and BP for all Partners in battle, and deploy the best formation to win great Rankings Rewards.
Special extra achievement rewards and limitless special stacks for you!

Special Event: 

[Join Daily to obtain free Xmas Giftpack!]
Treasure Map: Exchange for Xmas limit item, and collecting designated amount can combine into Xmas/New Year Optional Limit Giftpack
Xmas Turkey
Xmas Ginger Bread
Xmas Stocking
Xmas Star
Collecting 500 items from above can exchange for Xmas/New Year Optional Limit Chest
Using item directly can obtain random amount of Diamonds!

[Join event to obtain Xmas - New Year Limit Partner or Pirate Ship!]
Joining event can obtain lots of Xmas limit items!
Xmas Optional Limit Giftpack (Choose any one from below)
Xmas Limit - Chopper /Xmas Limit - Merry Ship/EX - Holy
New Year Optional Limit Giftpack (Choose any one from below)
New Year Limit - Gear 2nd Luffy /Xmas Limit - Thousand Sunny Ship /EX - Carue

New Year Update
From Jan. 2020, upgrade Sign-in rewards, and login to obtain Deluxe Recruit for free!
Daily login rewards add daily diamond rewards



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