Dec 12th Weekly Update Announcement

Time: 2019-12-13 00:36

New Partner


Trafalgar Law (Golden Quality)

Normal Attack: Deal 150% damage to a target, and all healing received will be transformed into toxin damage taken within 3 seconds for the target who is hit by Trafalgar Law.

Special Skill: [ROOM - Abattoir] Deal damage (special skill attack*$1%) to 3 random targets, and hit the target to reduce its Rage by 300, stunning it for 3 seconds. Rage randomly increases by 1000 for an ally (excluding self), and cannot increase Rage for self after releasing the skill within 3 seconds.


Event Update


Fortune Map: Can obtain Golden [Awaken Mechanic Set] from Rankings Special Rewards

Pirates Treasure Golden Partners: Boa Hancock, Jimbei , Zoro, Sabo 

Update VIP Giftpack periodically, and exchange is reset!

Super Value Roulette - Pirate Ship: EX - Thriller Barque Ship, EX - Kuro Ship, EX - Marine Fleet


Special Events


Fighting Shichibukai - New BOSS Challenge

New gameplay that limits BP for killing race

Limit all players’ basic attributes and BP for fair play!

Limit the same basic attributes and BP for all Partners in battle, and deploy the best formation to win great Rankings Rewards.

Special extra achievement rewards and limitless special stacks for you!

EX Strategy: Boa Hancock’s control skill can greatly extend player’s killing time, and specially effective when deployed with Immunity-type Partner.

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